Test Driven Javascript 2017-01-28T10:17:34+00:00
90 minutes *hands on practitioner level


This workshop will give you a practical overview on how to apply TDD (Test Driven Development) to front end web development and javascript in particular.  The session will guide the audience through the process of using high quality engineering practices within your javascript code to create more maintainable; testable and higher quality end results.

The talk will cover the whole SDLC all the way from development through to browser testing and site monitoring after deployment.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to structure your javascript code to make it testable
  • How to avoid some of the common pitfalls with javascript that can lead to code issues later on in development
  • Overview of the available test frameworks for javascript
  • Practical ideas and tools for testing your web pages
  • How to monitor your site for bugs and performance issues once it’s in production


Javascript/web developers




Simon Stewart

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