Addressing the Missing Link in Agile Developer Practices 2017-01-28T10:17:27+00:00

by Mark Pearl

Agile developer practices are all the rage, however getting them to stick is proving to be a challenge. If you are  struggling to “code” agile, have you addressed the values and principles behind these practices?

In this session Mark will offer a buffet of common challenges that most development teams face. Based on what challenges the audience would like to explore, he will explain the challenge, offer some hands on practices that have worked in teams and then map these practices back to the core values and principles that teams need to embrace for the practices to stick.

Mark Pearl is a Developer Coach for Driven Software – a Johannesburg based consultancy firm focusing on assisting teams deliver high quality software.

Mark has a passion for agile methodologies, software craftsmanship and XP. He is actively involved in promoting these methodologies in South Africa. From organizing events for the DeveloperUG to facilitating CodeRetreats, if there is an event happening related to writing software in Johannesburg, you will probably find Mark there.



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