Agilenado 2 – Agilists Playing Games on a Plane 2017-01-28T10:17:26+00:00

by Justin Kotze

Just when you thought the Agilenado is gone, another one is on the horizon. This time it’s on a plane. Agilenado 2 will knock your sticky notes right out of your hands. Prepare to get blown away and to be exposed to Gamestorming in this interactive session. This session will introduce you to games that you can use in your teams to promote different ways of thinking. Yes there will be agilists*, yes there will be games.

*No agilists will be harmed during this session.

Justin Kotze

Justin Kotze

Justin wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, happy teams and a dancing squirrel.

As a Agile guy he often inspects & adapts, and recites the Agile Manifesto in the shower.

You can usually find him at SUGSA events and the coaching circles, or at Clickatell where he scrums the scrums.

If you need to find him at this conference, you can look for the most formally dressed man with the neatest hairdo.

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