Managing a Mob – 40 People Scrumming: My Story as Dev Manager 2017-01-28T10:17:27+00:00

by Phillip Manning

Dev managers enjoy war stories. This is one. During its 4 year journey with Scrum and Agile, Clickatell’s developers have experienced successes and failures from which others may gain some value. By honestly and candidly exposing the trials and tribulations, in a light-hearted manner, the underlying Agile and Scrum principles and values can be highlighted and the results of embracing them and the consequences of violating them illustrated.

Philip Manning

Philip Manning

Philip is the Chief Monkey Wrangler (AKA Senior Director of Engineering) at Clickatell, a mobile messaging and transactions services company headquartered in Redwood City in Silicon Valley with development operations in Cape Town.

Clickatell has been trying their hand at Scrum for 4 years, ever since someone decided people do actually matter after all. When Philip isn’t rattling the monkey cage, he enjoys sleeping, drinking red wine, travelling, changing nappies, role playing Lightning McQueen and Dusty Crophopper scenes, and watching very expensive cars whizz around a Grand Prix circuit. Philip loves all ScrumMasters and Product Owners equally. He’s still conflicted about Product Managers.



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