Rescuing Legacy Software from Impending Doom. Refactoring Stories from the Trenches 2017-01-28T10:17:27+00:00

by Martin Cronjé

Dealing with an ageing code base is one of the hardest software engineering problems we face today. It is critical to solve this problem on the road to agility. In the past, software rewrites was standard practice when a company wanted to get rid of legacy software. Modern development practices and techniques has made refactoring a very popular first choice for software teams. In our experience we’ve seen how different teams attempted to systemically refactor their code with varying levels of success.

We will share the experiences of two software start-ups and a mid-size organisation. The speaker will explore case studies to guide attendees towards successful refactoring.

Topics covered in this talk will include

  • effective refactoring methods (checklists),
  • using test-driven development to support refactoring,
  • when to do aggressive refactoring,
  • common pitfalls and,
  • classifications of technical debt to manage recovery.

We will also look at refactoring beyond the context of code, such as redesigning solutions and teams to improve agility.

Martin Cronjé

Martin Cronjé

Martin Cronjé is a Software Developer and Coach with more than 15 years experience. Throughout his career, he contributed to projects ranging from mobile apps, data analytics to high volume mission-critical systems integration. The most notable projects directly affected the South African economy and democracy.

He currently spends most of his time coaching, mentoring and training software teams to help them master their craft. Martin regularly advises development managers, CIOs and CEOs to help them become more effective in running and improving their development teams.

When not coaching he spends his time building software products.

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