Transforming Addicted Organisations: Serenity, Courage, Wisdom! 2017-01-28T10:17:27+00:00

by Steve Holyer

Is your organisation addicted to harmful practices? Can your organisation get clean and stay clean? Yes. There are patterns for breaking the cycle of addiction.

Why doesn’t change stick to your organisation? Even positive change that’s been proven to work (like using Scrum or implementing Management 3.0 principles) isn’t sticking.

Is your organisation actually addicted to unproductive, even bad, management practice? Overcoming addiction is hard. Really hard. But there are ways to do it. Your organisation may be trapped in a viscous cycle of soothing short term pain with practices that provide measurable short-term relief, yet do nothing to address — even exacerbate — long-term problems. When the short-term pain relief wears off the addicted organisation repeats the practice that produced short-term relief. Before long, your organisation is hooked on short-term pain relief even when it is impeding long-term change.

Explore organisational addiction and learn to use it to understand your experiences in your organisation.

Can you help your organisation get clean and stay clean? Yes. There are patterns for breaking this vicious addiction cycle.


Steve Holyer

Steve Holyer

Steve Holyer serves as advocate, trainer and mentor for companies, leaders and change agents looking for a better way of working, using Agile practices in a productive, fulfilling, and fun way.

He learned his craft serving as a Scrum Master with multiple teams and organisations, so he knows how to change an organisation from the inside. Steve now serves as an indie-label Agile Coach-for-Hire. He has adapted years of project management and development experience into a passion for trusting and coaching managers and teams to find ways to do software better.

Steve is an American based in Zurich Switzerland. He works in English and German. He speaks at numerous conferences world-wide and works with clients in the telecommunications, e-commerce and financial services industries.

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