What is UX and How Can You Use it? 2017-01-28T10:17:27+00:00

by Samantha Laing, Karen Greaves and Debré Barrett

In our experience not too many teams have UX specialists working with them, a few have started and it’s a bumpy ride. So what is UX? Is it just pretty screens? Do we need to care about it? This deep dive will take you on a journey to learn 3 techniques from the UX world that you can apply immediately at work. Our hope is that you can start to appreciate UX and think of how to use it on your projects and/or products.

Smantha Laing, Debré Barrett, Karen Greaves

Smantha Laing, Debré Barrett, Karen Greaves

Sam Laing: I work as a coach and trainer helping teams and individuals adopt agile and work more effectively. Although my background is as a software developer, I use agile techniques with many different industries and teams. My goal is to make the process from idea to execution more rewarding for everyone involved. I regularly speak at international agile conferences and have co-authored a number of books on agile and Scrum.

Karen Greaves: My entire career has been in software development, with a significant focus on agile approaches, and enough experience with waterfall to understand it’s limitations. I’ve worked with XP, Scrum and Kanban in many different environments. Today I train and coach individuals and teams in being more agile. Recently I co-authored a series of books to help agile coaches and ScrumMaster run training and workshops on a number of agile topics.

Debré Barrett is an experienced web producer, interaction designer and usability tester, with over six years working for the BBC. She has also worked for ITV news, Channel 4 News and IOL.co.za. She has a BA in Journalism from Rhodes. Her South African experience includes MWEB, OLX, Primedia, Leisure Books, Clickatell and Old Mutual. She can help you with web copy and content strategy.

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