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The below speakers have been confirmed for the Unlikely Heroes Scrum Gathering 2015


Andrea Tomasini

AndreaAndrea is one of the founders of agile42. He has been working in the software development and product management as well as the process optimization arena for more than 15 years. Andrea trained and coached a diverse range of teams and helped many companies in various industries: finance, telecommunication and automotive in implementing agile methods like Scrum. His background includes experience in software and product development, business and functional analysis, lean coaching, organizational change, system architecture and project management. Andrea serves many customers as a strategic advisor and agile coach and consultant to the IT organization, helping in implementing Scrum effectively in complex scenarios.

Cara Turner

Cara_TurnerCara is the COO and Agile Coach at Project codeX, a disruptive education initiative that equips aspiring coders with high quality skills and experience, while bridging the digital divide.
Her ultimate goal is for us all to find the work we love doing, and build a better future doing it. Having spent years helping teams adopt agile practices that reduce risk and increase workplace happiness, she now helps aspiring coders to discover and follow their tech passions, on their journey to become agile software developers.
She has an insatiable love of learning, and cares deeply about sharing knowledge to build stronger communities. Via the Scrum User Group SA (SUGSA) and SiliconCape Women, she channels events and conferences to cross-pollinate technical, process and management knowledge, and increase diversity in the software world.
Echoing her love of variety, Cara’s workshops range from pair programming and BDD to handling uncertainty and generating innovative ideas.
Cara lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and spends her free time surfing and being a tourist in her own town.

Thato Kgatlhanye

ThatoThato Kgatlhanye is a 22 year old who believes the work that she does in her community is what already makes her rich. She believes the world is waiting for who she is becoming and seeks to live up to this potential as a social entrepreneur, author and speaker. As a social entrepreneur, she is a co-founder of Rethaka, the company behind the social innovation Repurpose Schoolbags: an upcycled solar powered backpack. Each schoolbag is fitted with a solar panel which charges during the day and transforms into a light to study for children at night. The company currently boasts a full-time staff of 15 operating from the factory in Rustenburg. The company has been recognised through receiving multiple awards for innovation, highlights include: the SAB Innovation award, SA Innovation Summit award winner and the Design Indaba Most beautiful object SA nominee. Her profile is such that she is frequently asked to comment in the media. She has been interviewed for business programmes on platforms such as CNN, CNBC Africa, Talk 702 and SA FM to name a few. Through her work, she has been profiled in magazines such as TRUE LOVE and YOU. Her efforts to stand up and be counted as a young female entrepreneur making a dent in the world has earned her recognition in the business world. She was named a Redbull Amaphiko Entrepreneur, an Anzisha Prize winner, part of the MTVBase Youth Of Today Campaign and a LEVIS Pioneer for their Pioneer Nation Campaign. She is proactive in getting more professionals and entrepreneurs to believe in creating the world they dream of living in. She does this in her roles as the South African One Young World Ambassador and a BrandSA Play your part Ambassador. Public sector has also taken note of the strides made by her company Rethaka. As directors of the company, Kgatlhanye and business partner Rea Ngwane, were recently honoured with a “Special Ministerial Award” by the late Minister of Public Service Mr. Collins Chabane. From a young age, Thato decided to stop knocking on doors and build her own rather. It is this kind of thinking that led her to work in New York with American marketing guru Seth Godin. Upon her return, she used her knowledge to co-authored a book in 27 days titled “Start an empire with a brand”.


Lisa Basel – “Just Do It” Agile practices for start-ups & small teams
Philip Manning – Agile Appraisals – A More Heroic Way for Heroes to get Feedback
Joshua Lewis – Are you getting value from your automated testing?
Henk Viljoen – A Colorful Journey of Agile Adoption
Biase De Gregorio – All Super Heroes need tools… Like Thor’s hammer or Iron Man’s suit, Scrum Teams require DevOps to make them powerful
Rouan Wilsenach – Heroes need sleep too: techniques for stress-free software releases
An Bakkes – How to prevent fear and judgement from inhibiting Agile adoption
Damian Buonamico – A Story of Agile Cultural Transformation at OLX
Terence Kruger & Kevin Trethewey – Getting fish to fly – Resource and Flow Efficiency mindsets
Janco Wolmarans – What Information Theory can teach us about software development
Peter Alkema – Leadership and Agile Adoption
Karen Greaves & Sam Laing – Learning to use SUPER POWERful questions


Steve Holyer and Pavel Dabrytski – Requirements Engineering for Agile Product Owners: Hunting value with structured conversations
Andre Vermeulen & Cara Turner – Pair Programming Immersion Workshop
Sonja Blignaut & Wessel Blignaut – The team as complex adaptive system and the importance of Retrospectives
Danie Roux, Joanne Perold & Kevin Trethewey – Owning your Slippers
Angie Doyle & Mark Pearl – User Story Mapping: How super heroes make toast!
Regina Martins – The Spiderman antidote to the anti-patterns of Agile leaders
Olga Yiannakis & Mariet Visser – Things that weren’t in my hero playbook
Philip Barrett – A utility belt for innovation superheroes… instructions included


Karen Greaves and Samantha Laing – Coaching Clinic
Justin Kotze – A Panel Interview with the Unlikely Heroes of the Agile League
Lightning Talks
Lean Coffee from 7:30 each morning: hosted by Joshua Lewis


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