An Bakkes – How to prevent fear and judgement from inhibiting Agile adoption 2017-01-28T10:17:26+00:00

Track: EMPOWER: (Leadership & Coaching)

Duration: 45 minute talk

Talk Level: Intermediate


We explore how fear and judgement limits teams and companies to adopt Agile. We look at how behavior is the biggest limitation.

“Anxiety and stress causes one part of the brain to close down: It is the front part of the brain …responsible for the human capacity to integrate new information, make complex decisions and creatively adapt… So at the time that one most needs adaptive integration to find new ways to deal with the stressful event, the part of the brain that is able to undertake this task closes down – people become ineffective under stress because this important part of the brain stops functioning” (New Science for New Leadership, 5:36-41) If we consider the above statement from a human behavioral perspective, it is understandable that many Agile integration, transitions and transformations does not always become the way of being in the relevant team and or organisation. As we know, if your company does not value trust and collaboration, then Agile might not work for them Fear, control, judgement and non-optimal decisions go hand in hand. Trust, collaboration, knowledge sharing and continuous learning goes hand in hand. Although we know this to be the truth, why is it that so many teams battle to adopt Agile from the word GO. One of the Key reasons that we struggle so much is our own home-grown judgement of “how it is supposed to be”. In this talk, we are going to discover how we can actually look at our judgement and fear to enable teams to adopt Agile with less resistance and more acceptance

Bio of An Bakkes:


An BakkesOn a professional level An is a life, business and agile coach that focuses on accompanying her clients and teams through the discovery of their mastery, full potential and enabling them through embracing their fears. The focus of the coaching is to discover limiting patterns, behavior and processes and replacing them with enabling ones. Through this process the clients are left with life, business, agile tools that enables them for the next phase of the journey and growth.

On a personal level An is 2 time cancer survivor and has used this experience to create a model and course called “”embracing anxiety”” that focuses on how general anxiety and fear can be used as a healing and driving process rather than a limiting and disabling rabbit hole.”


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