Andre Vermeulen & Cara Turner – Pair Programming Immersion Workshop 2017-01-28T10:17:25+00:00

Track: MASTER: (Pride in the Craft)

Duration: 90 minute interactive workshop

Talk Level: Intermediate


Immerse yourself in the realities of pair programming. Experience the challenge and reward of working in a pair. Better quality, skills transfer, resilient flow, improved morale, collective ownership, mentoring…we’ve all heard the benefits of pair programming. Yet it’s one of the hardest behaviour changes to make – none of our training prepares us for this hands-off / hands-on way of planning and working together. This fun, immersive exercise will get you familiar with the Driver and Navigator roles, and the communication shifts that make the magic happen.

Not just for coders!
No matter what work we’re doing, we all benefit from the better thinking and fewer errors that pairing brings. The exercises are designed to help you explore the experience, whether you’re a techie, an analyst, scrum master or manager. And it’s all paper based – no computers required.”

Bio of Andre Vermeulen:

Andre Vermeulen codeXAndre is Code Mentor at Project codeX where he spends his days mentoring young bright minds on their journey of becoming software developers. After spending more than a decade in the UK working for a startup, a consultancy and an investment bank amongst others he returned to his native South Africa. He always dreamt of using software development as a tool to empower the youth of Africa, so he jumped at the opportunity to help establish codeX, a coding Academy that trains the next generation of coders. If he is not running after his two young sons, he is organizing Nodebots Cape Town and dreaming of fly fishing the Cape’s mountain streams soon.

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