Andrea Tomasini – Stop scaling… start growing your agile organization! 2017-01-28T10:17:25+00:00

Track: Key Note

Duration: 60 minute Talk


Companies of all sizes need to grow their own agile way of working, becoming more agile is a journey, not a destination. Unfortunately, though, most of the time agile success is left in the hands of unlikely heroes, people who are passionate about agile, but likely lack the type of power and decision making required to move to the next level. Because becoming agile requires a radical mind-shift, it takes time, and time is what most organizations seem unwilling to invest. This is where our unlikely heroes come into play, pulling the “Agile Initiative” forward with their passion. Even more unfortunately, despite the great efforts of these individuals, the organization is not willing to wait, and instead, falls into the “implement that model” in a couple of months mindset. Does this work? Well, if it does, we still need to hear that it was fast and painless… On the other hand, more and more organizations are beginning to understand that becoming more agile is an individual journey, and has to be tightly coupled with the company business goals and culture, it can’t be standardized, or the company will likely lose their business advantage and uniqueness. In this keynote I am going to share stories about some of these companies, that having tried unsuccessfully to find more heroes, understood that becoming agile is a cultural shift that needs to be supported by the whole organization, and agreed to follow a growing approach rather than an implementing approach. Principles and tools which helped these organizations to grow their agility as well as stories of their journey will be shared as an example of how change can happen without heroic actions or old style “Change Initiatives”.


Bio of Andrea Tomasini:


Andrea is one of the founders of agile42. He has been working in the software development and product management as well as the process optimization arena for more than 15 years. Andrea trained and coached a diverse range of teams and helped many companies in various industries: finance, telecommunication and automotive in implementing agile methods like Scrum. His background includes experience in software and product development, business and functional analysis, lean coaching, organizational change, system architecture and project management. Andrea serves many customers as a strategic advisor and agile coach and consultant to the IT organization, helping in implementing Scrum effectively in complex scenarios.

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