Biase De Gregorio – All Super Heroes need tools… Like Thor’s hammer or Iron Man’s suit, Scrum Teams require DevOps to make them powerful 2017-01-28T10:17:25+00:00

Track: MASTER: (Pride in the Craft)

Duration: 45 minute Talk

Talk Level: Intermediate


Practical experience on using Scrum to build the DevOps capability within a large financial institution to support Scrum feature teams

All Super heroes have awesome gadgets, tools and support to allow them to be as powerful as they are. For example, Thor has the hammer, Iron Man has the suit and Batman has Lucius Fox that supports Batman with running his business and provides the car, weapons and gadgets.

Scrum teams also require the necessary support, tools and gadgets to make them Super Heroes. This is where DevOps fits in.

I have worked in many organisations (mainly large financial institutions) where they are embarking on Agile transformation. They typically have the best intent, but as teams start going through the journey, they get blocked by all the organisational impediments that exist. For teams, this is mainly related to high-levels of bureaucratic processes, governance to get Software released into the production environment. This typically leads to a Water-Scrum-Fall environment, where teams build features in sprints, but can only deploy in a big-bang approach as the environment doesn’t support them. Over and above, they then need to handover to a production team that will support the software. Ultimately, the customer suffers as they have to wait months to obtain valuable features.

“Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps are both complementary ways of working. The former assists with shipping quality software quickly, the latter helps harmonize the teams that deliver and support said software. Both approaches can help you to optimize, streamline, and improve the way you work. Ultimately, both will help you ship quality software” – Continuous Delivery and DevOps – A quickstart Guide (2nd Edition) – Paul Swartout

The adoption and growth of DevOps is accelerating as a result of organisations adopting Agile and struggling implementing the principles and practice that the Agile Manifesto promotes – E.g. early and continuous delivery of valuable software, deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale.

I have been assisting a large financial institution with their Enterprise Agile transformation and they have acknowledge the importance of DevOps to enable their teams to be more ‘Agile’ and ultimately change the way they work.

My talk will introduce important concepts and understanding of what is CD and DevOps by my practical experience and story of how we are using Scrum to build the DevOps capability; with the objective of industrialising DevOps within the organisation allowing the teams to then deliver working software frequently.

Bio of Biase De Gregorio:

Biase De GregorioBiase has 15 years of project and programme management experience and over the last 5 years has built a passion around Agile as it relates to his personal values. He heads up the Agile service offering at IQ Business called agility@IQ that provides Agile training, coaching and consulting to assist organisations with Agile transformations.

He is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience from others through the Agile training and coaching. Biase and his team have trained over 2000 delegates in the last 3 years on Agile related courses. He is currently working on one of the largest Agile transformations in Africa at a large corporate that includes coaching, consulting and training at executive to team level.

Previous presentations include:

BASSA 2012 – There is no BA in Agile – The myth (Sep 2012)
IIBA SA Agile Business Analysis Workshop (Mar 2014)
10 minute TED style talk at the Scrum User Group South Africa -Johannesburg chapter (SUGSA) – August 2014
IT Web Software Development Management conference – Johannesburg – March 2015.
Talk accepted at the Global Scrum Gathering in Prague in Nov 2015.
Biase also holds several Agile certifications including CSP, SPC and ACP

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