Henk Viljoen – A Colorful Journey of Agile Adoption 2017-01-28T10:17:24+00:00

Track: IMAGINE: (Product & Innovation)

Duration: 45 min talk

Talk Level: Intermediate


In 2013 a software division of Momentum a leading South African insurance company decided to embark on an Agile journey.

This journey began with a realization that the existing way of work could not sustain nor progress the organization in the new paradigm of retail insurance.

We invite you to share our approach, thinking, experience and reflections on lessons learned, triumphs and failures as this ignites and augments growth and progression.

Bio of Henk Viljoen:


Henk ViljoenFrom pathology to people, Henk is an Ambassador for Good, Game-Changer, and Lynchpin… with the self-proclaimed title of Chief Happiness Officer at Momentum, one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies he currently serves as coach and mentor.

Henk is a practical results-driven professional who believes that people are key to success. Being fascinated by Whole Brain Thinking and its potential in organizational transformation, he applies his background in biological science, teaching and business in making this happen.

It is a privilege to be a connector, a constructor of people, organizations and wider society.
Henk lives in Centurion with his wife Elmare and their four kids, three dogs, two cats and an African grey.