Justin Kotze – A Panel Interview with the Unlikely Heroes of the Agile League 2017-01-28T10:17:25+00:00

Track: Fishbowl

Duration: 30 min – fishbowl / panel

Talk Level: Beginner


Come join and be part of a panel interview with many of the Agilists that you know and love.

Here in South Africa we have many unlike heroes. Many of them are at this conference. From the people that wants to know more about Agile, To the Developers that produce working software iteratively, to the managers that give their teams the space to excel and everyone in between.

Justin will create the panel of experts from the members of the audience as the members of the audience are the real unlikely heroes. The panel will rotate as different topics get discussed. Topics will include: Scaling, Management, Coaching, Release Planning, Dealing with impediments and also allow topics from the audience.

Come find out what the Unlikely Heroes really think about the difficult topics in this interactive session that requires audience participation.

Bio of Justin Kotze:

Justin Kotze

Presented at SUGSA monthly event in 2013 – life on the other side, a journey of a coaching circle, co-facilitated with a coaching circle
Presented at SUGSA monthly event in 2014 – Playing Games at Work – agile games, co facilitated with cara turner
Presented at Cape Town Scrum Gathering 2014 – Agilenado 2 – Agile Games at work.
Presenter at Agile Africa
Agile Coach at Clickatell
SUGSA Chairperson

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