Lightning Talks 2017-01-28T10:17:24+00:00

Duration: 10 minute talk

List of Lightning Talk Speakers:

Tjaard du Plessis:

Tjaard du Plessis Tjaard is a software developer from a FinTech company called Synthesis. Tjaard started his career with 4 years of waterfall hell at a big corporate, before he converted to Agile and has never looked back. With a passion to explain agile he is emotionally harmed whenever he sees companies still suffering from old paper-push mentality. Tjaard has a master’s degree in computer science and a special love for delivering simple yet beautiful user experiences. Although he has been an agile evangelist around the water cooler for years, this will be his first appearance on the conference superhero arena.



Teri-lee Pietersen:

Teri-lee PietersenBorn in Cape Town currently working at Sanlam as a Scrum Master for the last 4 months. Prior to Sanlam, I worked at Clickatell for 9 years. In those 9 years, I worked my way from the Support department to the Finance department and eventually the Engineering department as an Interim Scrum Master. I have been attending the local SUGSA gatherings in Cape Town since early last year and was always fascinated by the passion and dedication of all those who attended to make not only their Team but their Organization more Agile. Through this fascination, I decided to apply for the interim Scrum Master position at Clickatell and with a lot of luck I got the opportunity. I received my CSM in May 2015 and was offered a job at Sanlam and started there in June 2015. I am a part of the local coaching circle in the Northern Suburbs and have been in many coaching calls with Karen and Sam from Growing Agile where I learnt what it really means to be a Scrum Master. My goal is to one day become an Agile Coach and guide and mentor any and all those companies transitioning to Agile.




Simone and Nasiefa:
Simone and NasiefaSimone Hull
SM & SA (SAFe Agilest)
I’m passionate about my kids, my role & my teams. Live for the challenges, always striving to learn, to inspire and be inspired.

Nasiefa Issacs
SM at Metropolitan
Currently working with two scrum teams. Aspiring foodie, passionate about working with teams. Continuously trying to find new ways to help teams become high performing and self organized.