Lisa Basel – “Just Do It” Agile practices for start-ups & small teams 2017-01-28T10:17:25+00:00

Track: IMAGINE: (Product & Innovation)

Duration: 45 minute talk

Talk Level: Beginner


My ideas on agile practices appropriate for start-ups or small teams who don’t know how to start their agile journey.

Creating innovative software products in high risk start-ups with smart creative people and the pressure of limited time and money, is a challenge. For anyone working in a start-up – the word “agile” sounds perfect for what they need to be. But what does this mean?

It’s not essential to embrace an entire agile methodology to benefit from the agile approach. Start-ups need to be pragmatic about the practices that will give them the most benefit considering their size, risk profile and type of product. It’s valuable to know what works, what does not and what cannot be ignored.

I am wanting to inspire listeners to get started on their agile journey and then continuously make small improvements as they see the benefits. I believe this is what can give a software start-ups the best chance of success. I also think this advice is valuable for small teams who want to go agile, but are unsure of what to start doing first.

I want to present my ideas on the minimally viable and essential agile practices to get started with. And then an approach to continuously improve. I want to cover the topics of agile development practices, agile processes as well as an approach to innovating and defining the product.

My presentation will be sharing of my personal thoughts on agile based on experience I have had working in 3 different start-ups. One a failure (for me). One still growing and hoping to list on LSE. And another small team that just started and is now continually getting more agile with small improvements each sprint.

Bio of Lisa Basel:

Lisa BaselI enjoy leading and collaborating with dynamic, creative, agile development teams. My confidence in translating business objectives into project approaches, processes and deliveries is born from over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. With 10 of these years as a C++ developer and then about 10 years running my own companies.

So while I am currently specializing in Agile and scaling start-ups, I am pragmatic. I believe in delivering value rather than adhering to theoretical principles.


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