Olga Yiannakis & Mariet Visser – Things that weren’t in my hero playbook 2017-01-28T10:17:24+00:00

Track: MASTER: (Pride in the Craft)

Duration: 90 min interactive workshop

Talk Level: Intermediate


We’ll be focusing on sharing techniques we use & insights we’ve gained that will guide you on your Agile journey.

Whether you’re a new or experienced Scrum Master (or anybody that has to work with a team to foster effective communication & collaboration), your role comes with great responsibility. Besides working on your techniques, this requires you to develop & enhance your soft skills as you are contributing to others mastering themselves.

Join us on an interactive journey while we empower you with some tools & techniques to bring out the superhero within yourself & others.

Bio of Mariet & Olga:

MarietMariet & Olga are both very passionate about Agile & live by the philosophy of experimenting, playing & failing fast every day. We’ve been working with teams for many moons & they’re still howling!










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