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Track: EMPOWER: (Leadership & Coaching)

Duration: 90 minute interactive workshop

Talk Level: Intermediate


Practical tools for leading an organisation through a real innovation process, including politics, process, creativity and experimentation.

Uber, AirBnB, Wayz, SnapScan, WhatsApp, Bitcoin, SnapChat… Those are some of the early winners in the current wave of massive digital change. They have innovated the furthest and the quickest. They’ve done it so well that the services they deliver seem “obvious” in hindsight.

But to compete with them, and whatever comes next, your organisation is going to have to do something even more awesome.

It might not be very pretty.

Leading an organisation through real innovation is hard. Organisations are typically well adapted to doing what they do, they way they’ve always done it. Real, transformative innovation asks them to leave that behind. It feels equal parts crazy and terrifying. It needs focus, nerve, but also heaps of humility.

As an Agilist, you’re better positioned than most to take your organisation somewhere amazing. But it helps if you know where you are on the journey, secure the time and support you need to succeed, use good ideation methods and conduct proper experiments.

In this 90 minute session we’ll draw on techniques from the world of lean startup, business strategy and design thinking and look at:

Some words you can use to get managers to tackle innovation
How to negotiate the right ground rules for innovation to succeed in your organisation
How to structure an innovation process to keep everyone on track
Techniques to maximise the chances of generating amazing ideas
How to deal with stakeholder decision paralysis
How to think and talk about experiments and failure
We’ll go on an entertaining journey, and do some practical exercises.

Bio of Philip Barrett:

Philip BarrettPhil Barrett is an associate director at Deloitte Digital Africa, leading their experience design team.

He has over 20 years experience in new kinds of human-compatible software shipped. He launched early websites for News Corporation in London and New York, helped to create the BBC’s first website, and looked after technology and design for the launch of in 1997.

He was a founding director of Flow Interactive, a specialist UX consultancy in London, in 1998. He co-founded Flow Interactive South Africa in 2007, and seven years later Flow became part of Deloitte Digital. Clients in the UK and South Africa include Vodafone, British Telecom, Computicket, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, and Mweb.

Phil’s current passion is helping large organisations to discover just how much fun customer centric innovation can be.


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