Philip Manning – Agile Appraisals – A More Heroic Way for Heroes to get Feedback 2017-01-28T10:17:25+00:00

Track: IMAGINE: (Product & Innovation)

Duration: 45 minute talk

Talk Level: Intermediate


We’ve all experienced performance appraisals, and we’ve all realised that they violate the agile values that we hold dear. Perhaps subjectivity from the person in power led to an unfair or skewed result, perhaps the infrequency of assessments meant recent events dominated rather than the big picture? Do you truly feel that the feedback received allowed you to improve as much as you can, and do you feel the reward is fair? Imagine guidelines that shape appraisals past the pitfalls and rewards an agile friendly outcome.

Come and listen to some trials and tribulations experienced on the frontline of making this new way of doing things stick.

(This talk was first presented as the monthly meeting presentation for SUGSA Cape Town in July 2015. This submission for Scrum Gathering South Africa 2015 intends to build on that and share further learnings as feedback has been taken onboard and some new approaches have been applied.)

Bio of Philip Manning:

Philip ManningPhilip Manning, Senior Director of Engineering at Clickatell. In English: Dev Manager. Supporting the implementation of Scrum and Agile at Clickatell since 2010. Learning from mistakes ever since.




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