Regina Martins – The Spiderman antidote to the anti-patterns of Agile leaders 2017-01-28T10:17:24+00:00

Track: EMPOWER: (Leadership & Coaching)

Duration: 90 minute interactive workshop

Talk Level: Intermediate


This interactive workshop will unpack the superhero archetypes of Agile leaders with their related Agile leadership anti-patterns.

The best paradigm to frame the concept of leadership in Agile is that leadership is encouraged at all levels. As such everyone working in an Agile environment is a leader. In smaller organisations this is probably easy to encourage. In larger organisations, where the “Title” or “Position” predominates and defines who is a “leader” and who is not, anti-patterns tend to emerge which do not support an Agile culture, even if it is the organisation’s stated vision to become Agile.

In this instance the physical manifestations of Agile are put in place such as physical boards, Scrum ceremonies and an attempt at co-location. The danger here is that the Agile adoption will be a shallow one and will remain superficial. When the awesome magic of implementing Agile right is not achieved then people blame Agile as being the problem. It is not Agile that makes teams, projects and adoptions fail; it is people that cherry-pick those aspects of Agile that they like and are easy to implement that put the adoption on the path to failure.

All too often leaders fob off Agile as something the development teams do, rather than as something which affects them too. The role of leaders cannot be underestimated to turn a shallow adoption of Agile and make it a deep and lasting change for the organisation’s benefit. In this case, adoption in a small team or programme will start the journey toward the tipping point that will make it a lasting organisational change.

How are leaders supposed to behave in such a changing environment? What behaviours are supposed to support the values and principles of Agile? How are leaders supposed to support the teams.

This talk takes observations, learnings and non-learnings from a few environments where leaders have either “made or broke” Agile adoption initiatives.

It will focus on:

The superhero archetypes of Agile leaders.

What are related Agile leadership anti-patterns?


Bio of Regina Martins:

Regina Martins

Regina Martins is a CSM and CSP, an IT professional of 15+ years experience in the financial services and telecommunications industries. She has delivered talks at the Scrum Gathering 2014 and also at the Johannesburg Scrum User Group.

She is also a Kanban practitioner. She works as an Agile coach, and her talents lie in building self-organised teams and facilitating those teams to deliver value.

Before she fell in love with Agile she had been a Project Manager delivering projects rather successfully using waterfall methods for 10 years. She resisted Scrum for 3 months and when the magic started happening, despite her confused feelings about letting go and not trying to control everything all of the time, she became an instant convert.

She aims for continuous improvement in her personal and professional lives. She’s now comfortable not having all the answers, nor all the questions. Retrospectives are her favourite of the Scrum sessions and the one which she consider the most important.

Her Agile journey started 5 years ago and because she aims for continuous improvement personally and professionally, this journey will not be over any time soon. She is currently working on her CSC.





  1. […] I wasn’t diligent about visiting blogs, please accept my apologies for that. The plan is to catch up today. I also need to put together my presentation for the Scrum User Group of South Africa gathering in October. This is the second time I’m speaking, I did my first speaking engagement at the same gathering last year. I’m speaking on the anti-patterns of Agile leaders. If you’re interested, this link will take you to my abstract, The Spiderman Antidote To The Anti-Patterns Of Agile Leaders. […]

  2. […] My proposal for a 90-minute workshop was accepted and I am speaking on the 19th – The Spiderman Antidote to the Anti-patters of Agile Leaders. […]

  3. […] My proposal for a 90-minute workshop was accepted and I am speaking on the 19th – The Spiderman Antidote to the Anti-patters of Agile Leaders. […]

  4. […] My proposal for a 90-minute workshop was accepted and I am speaking on the 19th – The Spiderman Antidote to the Anti-patterns of Agile Leaders. […]

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