Rouan Wilsenach – Heroes need sleep too: techniques for stress-free software releases 2017-01-28T10:17:25+00:00

Track: MASTER: (Pride in the Craft)

Duration: 45 minute talk

Talk Level: Intermediate


Sick of deploying your code in the dead of the night? Let @rouanw show you some #DevOps techniques to make releases stress-free

The recent explosion of DevOps tools and techniques means that releasing new features doesn’t need to be a stressful all-weekend slumber party. Rouan will give you a set of steps you can take to move your release process from zero to hero.

He’ll show you how to gain confidence in your changes with automated testing and a build pipeline. He’ll share his experience of implementing push-button deployments to production, so that you can shrink your margin of error right down. He’ll tell you about Infrastructure as Code and how you can have your very own phoenix servers, so that disaster recovery is built into your release process. Finally, he’ll share techniques for blue-green deployment so that you can deploy with no impact to your customers.

Bio of Rouan Wilsenach:

Rouan WilsenachRouan Wilsenach is a software developer at ThoughtWorks. He has experience consulting to clients in the financial services, health, media and education sectors. He has worked as an agile coach, helping teams learn and adopt agile engineering practices and has helped businesses with organisation-wide agile adoption. He enjoys automated infrastructure and deployments and has experience showing organisations how to leverage these techniques to make their release processes simpler and more reliable.



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