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Scrum_Alliance_LogoBecome part of something bigger than you alone. With over 375,000 members worldwide, Scrum Alliance brings you together with like-minded people who are passionate about Scrum and who are changing the world of work every day. We are a nonprofit membership organization that encourages and supports the widespread adoption and effective practice of Scrum. We provide advocacy, community, and education to support this movement, equip our members, and help them succeed with Scrum in software development and beyond. Learn more at www.ScrumAlliance.org and come sprint with us!

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agile42agile42, founded in Berlin in 2007, provides world-class expertise, training and coaching on Lean-Agile development methods including Scrum, Kanban, Systems thinking and Lean and Agile Leadership. We have a proven approach for managing the adoption of Lean-Agile methods and transforming organisations to achieve better business outcomes. Our customers confirm their ability to deliver measurable results.

The agile42 team enjoys a global presence, operating in Germany, the United States, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland and South Africa. Our coaches have proven expertise and top credentials in the industry; many of our coaches are Certified Scrum Coaches and Certified Scrum Trainers: only a few dozen people worldwide can boast both credentials. In addition, we have staff certified as Kanban Coaching Professionals (KCP), an elite club with only around 60 members worldwide.

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Agility@IQ BusinessAgility@IQ is a catalyst for success on your journey to becoming Agile. Our team creates significant advantage for our clients through our Agile Consulting, Training and Coaching.

We love Agile, and we believe in its power to add business value early and continuously. We are hooked on delivering results that wow our clients, whether contracting point expertise, partnering to deliver solutions, or spreading our knowledge and passion through training or change initiatives.

At IQ Business, we bring together the most capable, intelligent and passionate people – we call them IQers, they are Agile, Customer Centric and Digitally Savvy, a powerful combination, and a team you cannot afford to ignore as part of your efforts to grow.

IQ Business – Our team. Your advantage.

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