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RahulRahul Sharma

With a Master’s Degree in Computers Applications, I have around 8.9 years of experience in IT industry(2 years development and rest as Test Analyst and then Technical Specialist)(Banking and Insurance sector) with around 4 years of Agile experience, working in more than 50 sprints and around 80 weeks of Kanban.

My genuine agile journey started in 2011 when I joined Investec Bank Mauritius IT team, which was following Scrums. After learning a lot in scrums, we started Kanban in 2012. Right now, we handle our development work in Scrums and other operations, production issues and work which are highly dependent on other teams, in Kanban

I am a Certified Scrum Master and my immediate goal is Certified Scrum Professional. Since last year, I am hosting all Agile related Brown bag sessions as well as Pride in the craft sessions in Bank. Since last 8 months I am helping other teams in understanding Agile Manifesto, Values and principles, scrum roles, ceremonies and all the artifacts, so that correct way is spread across bank. I value my role in an organization and aspire to help others interested in becoming a Scrum Master. I am an active member of SUGSA(Scrum User Group of South Africa) and continuously look for software and methods to improve the Scrum process. I have also started train people from other organizations as a hobby, as Agile is one of my passions.
My biggest strengths are openness, honesty and my passion for delivering business value with continuous improvement.

I am an agile enthusiast, always keen to learn and spread right way of doing scrums and continuous improvement.


Angie_profile_picAngie Doyle

For many years, I worked in the business process outsourcing industry where I cultivated my passion for process excellence. Process excellence is all about improving the way you create and deliver value to customers. So when I was introduced to Agile three years ago, it was a perfect fit! I now spend most of my time consumed by anything related to Agile Product Ownership and Business Analysis.

Over the past year, the SUGSA committee has worked hard to introduce new speakers and topics. We have grown from 215 members in 2013, to 459 in 2014. I would love to be a part of this awesome journey for another year.


joanneJoanne Perold

I am passionate about agile and an ambassador for the people side of software development. I love learning and finding new ways to solve problems. Being a Scrum Master means I get to put all the passion into practice – watching and helping teams grow.
And in my spare time I enjoy hiking, horse-riding, good food and great wine.


kevinshineKevin Shine

I am a development manager and agile evangelist currently working for VitalityLife. I have had a lot of experience in leading teams through the challenging transition from waterfall to scrum. People are the key to any agile transformation, so its important to know how to help them transform.

SUGSA is a group of people that are here to help improve your knowledge and practice of scrum, they do simply because they love scrum. I share that passion for scrum and hope to help do my part in bringing scrum to JHB, and to you.


Dillon WeyerDillon Weyer

I am a passionate Agile Coach who loves helping individuals and teams become the best they can be. Systems and processes are important, and even more important, are the people. Over the years I have made the transition from a controlling solution hero, to a humble servant leader, helping teams and individuals identify their challenges, and to own and solve them. I am an accredited Kanban practitioner and Certified Scrum Professional. Currently I am working on achieving my Certified Scrum Coach Certification.

I have been back in South Africa for 3 years now, and since returning, I have been involved as much as possible in the Agile community. I have been on the SUGSA committee for the last 2 years, and have seen it grow year after year. I would love the opportunity to continue my involvement, and to help make it even better in 2015.


olgaOlga Yiannakis

I am a project manager at IS and have been using scrum for over 3 years. I am passionate about scrum and helping improve the scrum community.




Pavel Dabrytski Pavel Dabrytski

Pavel Dabrytski is an Agile Coach and Trainer at IQ Business. For the past two years, he has focused on helping organisations start their unique Agile journeys. Among them are companies like Investec, Nedbank, Standard Bank, ABSA and Shoprite. He also trained 33 Agile classes in 2014 with over 550 delegates in total. Ever since Pavel first joined the Scrum User Group of South Africa committee in 2013, he has been active part of the community.
Pavel started his journey as a developer in a software company in Belarus. In 2009, dislike of harsh winters and an adventurous spirit brought him to South Africa. Currently he explores topics on Agile Readiness, Organisational Culture Change and Happiness at Work.

I have been part of both SUGSA Cape Town and Johannesburg organizing committees for the past two years. I am passionate about growing our community.While we made great progress in Johannesburg in 2014, I believe there is much more to be done. I would like to stay for another year to assist taking our user group to the next level, whatever it may be: annual event, or wider membership base, or events in locations other than Sandton.


Mariet VisserMariet Visser

I was introduced to agile in 2011, and what followed from there can only be described as a phenomenal journey. The passion that I have for agile today was an instant feeling from that very first moment. After getting my CSM, I received the opportunity to become a Scrum Master, since which I have been learning and failing in continuous cycles, strengthening my capabilities as I grow and evolve in the agile community. Now I am leading an awesome team of Scrum Masters at DStv Digital Media, and as much of my knowledge as I share with them, I still get to learn from each and every one of them. In my spare time I enjoy playing ps3 and pc games, reading, and playing with my cute pup, Dexter!

I am truly committed to our agile journey as a community, and would like the opportunity to share my passion, knowledge and experience with you. I absolutely love agile and know that in voting for me, you’re enabling me to share all that with the community.


Terence KrugerTerence Kruger

Like you, developer coach and co-founder of the developer user group, Terence has been working in both agile and not-so agile teams over the past 13 years. With the word Agile meaning so many different things Terence strives to bring an attention to the principles and allow teams and individuals to reach beyond their own expectations. Terence appreciates, and shares with listeners, that bringing change to their team is a moment-to-moment choice and not about positions or titles. He has 2 little girls, and in an effort to keep up with them has learned that the graphics outside really are awesome.

Since joining driven software i have been giving special attention to the values and principles behind agile and would like to see more people gain a better understanding of them. I feel that SUGSA is a great platform for this and would like to learn more about how it is currently put together and hope to contribute to the further success of the user group in reaching the community. The more people that we can reach and help share what they have leant, the better.


Katherine ChampionKatherine Champion

Certified Scrum Coach and Certified Scrum Product Owner

Katherine studied education (ex secondary school teacher and trainer), communications, IT and psychology at university. She has worked in IT since 1988 in many roles including training, software development, pre-sales, product management, IT consultant, systems and business analysis as well as project management. Katherine has led numerous projects for large, corporate and high-profile organisations in South Africa and the United Kingdom. She has worked with iterative and incremental software development processes since 1990 at South African Breweries, focusing on Scrum and Agile practices after being introduced to Scrum at the BBC in 2006. She is passionate about technology and how technology and great user experiences can be used to make people’s lives better. Since delivering projects and organisational change using agile practices she has become an avid follower of all things agile. She is currently engaged as an Agile Coach at Concurrent Systems and as a Product Manager for their first lean startup initiative using various agile methods and practices. Katherine is a Certified Scrum Coach and Certified Scrum Product Owner.

1) I am committed to agile and want to see the Agile community and specifically the Scrum community as it relates to delivering projects grow.
2) I will use my wide industry and agile experiences to mentor and coach practitioners on a one-on-one basis. I’d like to see SUGSA grow to not just presenting about experiences but also starting a “coaching” community which can take on menses or coachees – would like to kick-off this initiative.
3) Would like to get involved in organising not only work based meetups but create a “social” community for SUGA peeps by organising other social events like theatre, braai and other fun day type events … even if it is only a year end event.

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