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Cape Town

Please welcome the new Cape Town committee for 2016!


Ansie van Dyk

I am passionate about people and love helping, and being part of, their journey to grow into inspiring agilists. I have been part of the SUGSA community since 2012.  As a first time committee member, I am excited to be part of such a vibrant team taking Agile to the next level.

Interested in all things Agile and a strong believer that one is never too old to learn.  I love food and eating it. Am an amateur cook, gardener, photographer. You will usually find me outdoors exploring a new venue …and food.

Cara Turner

I’ve spent years helping teams adopt agile practices that reduce risk and increase workplace happiness, and now help aspiring coders to discover and follow their tech passions.

I have an insatiable love of learning, and care deeply about sharing knowledge to build stronger communities. I particularly enjoy South Africa’s vibrant & inspiring community of agilists, and for me being part of SUGSA means exploring, participating in and facilitating new agile adventures.


Justin Kotze

Justin wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, happy teams and a dancing squirrel.

As a Agile guy he often inspects & adapts, and recites the Agile Manifesto in the shower.

You can usually find him at our events and the coaching circles, or at at many different companies as he is an agile tourist.

He is also the only one in this committee that talks about himself in the 3rd person.


Kevin Pedersen

I love to help people get better at what they do and be happier at work. I find that Agile is a great way to surface the problems we face and get to the root cause of things we struggle with.

As a member of the committee I recognise the need for a safe place to sound out new ideas, learn from experts and fail fast with like minded evangelists.

The path towards agile fluency is a journey we are all travelling along at different paces, it’s nice to share that road with other people so we can have great conversations.


Kirsten Clacey

I love how agile has learning and adaption embedded in its fabric, how teams are seen as people and not resources and how the customer is given a significant presence. However, above all, I deeply value how agile encourages vulnerability and courage, key ingredients for fulfillment and innovation.



Nkululeko Paul Machanyana

I am Jolinkomo my Clan name or mole snake a symbolic in African mythology for friendship protection and active support. I am a Father,Husband, Brother and Son of Machanyana Family. Life Change Agent and Agilist who has been part of the SUGSA community in South Africa for the past three years sharing experiences we have in our corporate world the Agile way.


Richard Koyd

I took naturally to Agile as a way of thinking about developing software. Especially the concepts of inspect and adapt, lean thinking and so on. But there is so much more than that and I have lots to learn about being agile. I hope to make a contribution to this movement.


RozelleRozelle de Waal

The Agile world is a beautiful and vibrant place. People now have the opportunity that they didn’t have before and teams are growing even stronger to take the world of IT to the next level. I am a proud Scrum Master and I really enjoy helping people learn and adapt to the new and exciting way.


TaniaTania Oliver

My Agile journey started 6 years ago which helped me to grow and discover that I needed to be more adaptive, flexible and that one solution does not fit all.  I have coached and mentored teams of all levels helping them to empower both themselves and the business. I am highly passionate about building relationships with people and firmly believe in continuous improvement.


Teri-lee Pietersen

I am in the business of helping others to become better, to find the small things they are proud of and multiply it by 10x. I am a social butterfly who loves to learn new ways of doing things. As a first time member on the committee, I look forward to walking the path of Agile with everyone and in the process learn more about me.  There is no such thing as problems in my eyes, only opportunities to improve.  “Nothing exalts the soul or gives it a sheer sense of buoyancy and victory so much as being used to change the lives of other people.” – E. Stanley Jones


Please welcome the new Johannesburg committee for 2016!

Barry TandyBarry Tandy

I’ve worked for the better part of my career in the banking industry with many different and diverse people and teams across various disciplines and in various roles. My passion for working with people has grown over the years and when I was given the opportunity to work with an Agile team as a Product Owner in 2013 where I found a whole new world that I wished I’d discovered years earlier. 

I’m excited to work with the passionate group of people on the SUGSA committee making a difference in the Agile community where the learning opportunities will no doubt be endless.

Berto CBerto Coetseeoetsee

Hi, my name is Berto and I am a passionate agile practitioner. Most of my life I have been a rugby player and being part of a team influenced me and my career in a big way. I got introduced to the Scrum framework in 2009 and it changed my career for ever. Being a Free State Cheetah supporter (we all have our issues) I understand the true meaning of agility – being empirical, being able to inspect and adapt over and over, year after year or sprint after sprint. Eish, it’s difficult but I will stick to my team. I have been part of various industries adopting agility from vehicle tracking, insurance, media/entertainment and more recently banking. My appetite or rather stupidity for a challenging environment and the change that is possible is sometimes bigger than my brain. I was privileged to work in a very dynamic DStv Online team for a big part of my agile career. I met and worked with one of the best Scrum Master teams that really helped me understand the meaning agility. From the developers to management all leaders and lean thinkers. They trusted me, gave me full autonomy and freedom to experiment with empiricism. This laid the foundation for a fearless approach that I keep coaching teams and organisations – its okay to fail, the learning and change thereafter is what counts.

Joanne Perold

Joanne Perold

I am passionate about agile and an ambassador for the people side of software development. I love learning and finding new ways to solve problems. Being a Scrum Master means I get to put all the passion into practice – watching and helping teams grow. And in my spare time I enjoy hiking, horse-riding, good food and great wine.


Mariet Visser

Mariet Visser

I was introduced to agile in 2011, and what followed from there can only be described as a phenomenal journey. The passion that I have for agile today was an instant feeling from that very first moment. After getting my CSM, I received the opportunity to become a Scrum Master, since which I have been learning and failing in continuous cycles, strengthening my capabilities as I grow and evolve in the agile community. My most recent achievement was leading an awesome team of Scrum Masters at DStv Digital Media, and as much of my knowledge as I shared with them, I too got to learn from each and every one of them. Now my next adventure awaits & I can’t wait to share this journey with you as well. In my spare time I enjoy playing ps3 and pc games, reading, and playing with my seriously cute & loving dogs, Dexter & Mila!

Olga Yiannakis

Olga Yiannakis

The past 14 years has seen Olga working with software development teams on all project types & sizes. She started out as a traditional Project Manager & began her agile journey in 2008, & then certified as a Scrum Master when she attended the first Scrum Gathering 2010 in Cape Town. Olga is currently a Scrum Master at DStv Digital Media (DDM) since 2014. She is very passionate about anything to do with Agile (e.g. Scrum, Kanban & Lean) & working with people to create high performing teams. What inspires her is being able to share her passion & ignite an enthusiasm for agile in others & inspire them to embark on their agile journeys too. Olga is interested in coaching, facilitation & how to scale effectively within the organisation.

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma

With a Master’s Degree in Computers Applications, Rahul has around 10 years of experience in IT industry(.NET Programmer, Test Analyst, Technical Specialist and then Scrum Master)(Banking, Insurance and Digital Media sector) with around 5 years of Agile experience, working in more than 70 sprints and around 120 weeks of Kanban. His genuine agile journey started in 2011 when he joined Investec Bank Mauritius IT team, which was following Scrums. After learning a lot in scrums, they started Kanban in 2012. They handled their planned development work in Scrums and other operations, production issues and work which was highly dependent on other teams, in Kanban.

Suzaan Hepburn

Suzaan Hepburn

I strive to understand, teach and learn all things Agile to the advancement of the teams and the community I belong to, so that we can change, grow and deliver. For the past year I have been a Scrum Master with DStv Digital Media, and before that I was a part of the waterfall life.

I am an ardent evangelist of Agile and think that being part of SUGSA forms an integral part of spreading the truth about Agile.  I would like to help in progressively growing our community of practitioners and also to reach and convert those sceptics who have barely heard of scrum and only rumours of Agile.