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SUGSA has a strong commitment to establishing a closely-knit community within South Africa. This commitment is rooted in the principles of fostering growth, empowerment, and providing support. What sets us apart is our emphasis on inclusivity and celebrating diversity, moving beyond rigid methodologies. As a recognized entity under the Scrum Alliance, our primary aim remains unwavering: to enhance practical agility on a global scale, igniting the spirit of change in every individual.

Our approach involves creating local connections, sharing valuable experiences, and organizing high-quality events. By doing so, we actively contribute to the enrichment of our society, promoting unity and cooperation. Notably, our ultimate aspiration is to empower individuals to assume the role of catalysts for positive growth, envisioning them as agents of meaningful change in their own right.

We have chapters in Cape Town and Johannesburg. SUGSA is organised by a committee of volunteers. Find out more about the committee members…


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