Sherilee Fortuin

Hi World ! I’m Sherilee, and I’ve been captivated by Agile methodologies and team dynamics since joining a software development team 8 years ago. My sentimental nature shapes my learning experiences, but my passion is creating meaningful moments in both professional and personal environments. I appreciate those who generously share their knowledge within this community and beyond, enriching our collective understanding and fostering a spirit of collaboration and growth. As a light-hearted humorist, I value my family and close friends deeply. My roles include both a nurturer and preceptor, however having a discerning characteristic , I am able to understand and appreciate the subtleties of those around me.

Vaibhav Garg

I am committed to lifelong learning. I am passionate about improving people’s work
environment where they can thrive, perform their best and grow. I enjoy being a true
servant leader who serves the team with skills including open mindset, curiosity,
consulting, guiding and coaching. I constantly learn new concepts and strategies by
listening to audiobooks and podcasts, engaging with like minded people in the
community and completing relevant courses online. I may not have good public
speaking skills, but I am willing to learn by facing my fear of public speaking. I love
interacting with people, listening to their stories and experiences with curiosity and
sharing learning and exchanging ideas with them.

Charlotte Rawlinson

I’m a small-town girl, living in the big city with aspiring big city dreams. In 2018 I made the decision to switch career paths and moved over to working in the call centre as a Customer Service consultant/custodian. Within 2 years I was a senior/specialist in my role. During that time I discovered Scrum and I was smitten. My company was very supportive of the role transformation and helped me expand and grow. I still work for them but as a Scrum Master. I have been practicing Agile methodologies for over a year and it has been the most exciting year. Full of growth, friendships and learnings. I would not exchange it for the world.

Mpho Moleufi

My name is Mpho Moleufi and I’m mother to an amazing boy. Professionally I’m passionate about empowering teams to achieve remarkable things through Agile practices. I have over 15 years working experience in IT and I’m fueled by my fascination with IT, particularly its potential at the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. I’m a lifelong learner, constantly seeking out new knowledge and trends in the field. Outside of work, I find that learning and researching about latest trends in IT keeps my mind sharp and reinforces the innovative spirit I bring to my work. I’m a Senior Scrum Master at Shoprite X and an MBA student at the University of East London.

Kirstin Stratton

Hello! I am Kirstin Stratton, a Scrum Master working with Software & Infrastructure teams. I have been a part of the community since my Agile journey started at the beginning of 2021. I have found my people in the SUGSA community and will forever be grateful that I get to connect and grow with like-minded individuals. On a more personal note, I enjoy getting my hands dirty in my little vegetable garden and recently discovered deep play on my stand-up paddle (SUP) board at Clifton!

Nicky Ilsley

Originally from Margate KZN, I’ve been living in Cape Town with my little family since 2017. I’m mom to 2 wonderful kiddo’s. I love the vibe of the community, and would love to contribute to the events and do my part to say thank you for being amazing!