Malene Jacobsen

I am one of the few people that have never done a Waterfall project. I was taught Agile / Scrum from the first day of my education in Advanced Computer Scientist and since then it became a natural way of thinking both in work and private life. I fully live up to the saying: you don’t do agile, you become agile! In my career, I have fulfilled all scrum roles: Developer, Product Owner, and Scrum Master. At the moment I work as an Agile coach and trainer at Agile of Course.

My first introduction to SUGSA was when I moved from Denmark to Cape Town several years ago. I quickly realized how amazing SUGSA is in bringing the community together. I have a deep respect for the SUGSA committee, on how they manage to keep up the standard and continuously adapt to what the community needs and wants.

Rita Pienaar

I started my Agile journey in 2017 and how it has changed my life! I was mentored, trained and encouraged by SUGSA members and my own managers over the years. When moving out of my role as Scum master and into consulting, I used all that I learned in a different industry. The love for how it works and the community, is something that will always draw me back 😀


Nivan Moodley

I am a people person at heart and this is how I started my Agile journey.

Being part of the SUGSA community was such a huge stepping stone in getting me to where I am today. The friendships I have made and the support I was given by people in the SUGSA community still amazes me!

I find my reason for being is Helping others and I enjoy it everyday!

Bevan Williams

I have been an IT professional since 2009 and am currently an Agile Coach & Trainer at Think Agile. I have previously worked as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master, and Delivery Manager for a team of developers in Taipei. My passion is coaching, enabling, and leading people to do their best work, focusing on personal, career, and organizational growth.

The SUGSA community has rapidly improved my abilities by providing a network of smart, humble, and helpful individuals and creating a safe space in which we can all learn.

Annelie Coetzee

I count myself as one of the lucky ones in the world, being able to wake up every morning excited to open my laptop and jump into my work. As a qualified teacher, I always knew I wanted to use my skills (planning, facilitating and training) in a setting other than a school. I came across the role of a Scrum Master a few years ago and once I learned more about the world of Agile and Scrum, I knew there was no turning back for me. It completely transformed my approach to my work and personal life.

Currently, I’m working as a Scrum Master with several software development teams. My teams would describe me as passionate, friendly and efficient. My true passion is coaching, training and enabling teams to work faster, better and more effectively in a positive environment.

I love taking on new challenges, whether it is speaking at a SUGSA event, facilitating a coaching circle, speaking on a podcast or writing a blog, you’ll always find me trying something new.