Malene Jacobsen

I am one of the few people that have never done a Waterfall project. I was taught Agile / Scrum from the first day of my education in Advanced Computer Scientist and since then it became a natural way of thinking both in work and private life. I fully live up to the saying: you don’t do agile, you become agile! In my career, I have fulfilled all scrum roles: Developer, Product Owner, and Scrum Master. At the moment I work as an Agile coach and trainer at Agile of Course.

My first introduction to SUGSA was when I moved from Denmark to Cape Town several years ago. I quickly realized how amazing SUGSA is in bringing the community together. I have a deep respect for the SUGSA committee, on how they manage to keep up the standard and continuously adapt to what the community needs and wants.

Charlotte (Charlie) Rawlinson

I’m a small-town girl, living in the big city with aspiring big city dreams. In 2018 I made the decision to switch career paths and moved over to working in the call centre as a Customer Service consultant/custodian. Within 2 years I was a senior/specialist in my role. During that time I discovered Scrum and I was smitten. My company was very supportive of the role transformation and helped me expand and grow. I still work for them but as a Scrum Master. I have been practicing Agile methodologies for over a year and it has been the most exciting year. Full of growth, friendships and learnings. I would not exchange it for the world.

Andrea Roux

Andrea believes in adopting Agile ways of working to create a customer orientated business, motivated employees, and a healthy high-performance culture of continuous innovation. She has more than 2 decades of experience in developing lean and valuable solutions for multiple companies, more recently consulting as an Agile Coach to improve delivery. She is an enthusiastic volunteer working with other Agilists and people to grow and improve their processes and mindsets.



Nivan Moodley

I am a people person at heart and this is how I started my Agile journey.

Being part of the SUGSA community was such a huge stepping stone in getting me to where I am today. The friendships I have made and the support I was given by people in the SUGSA community still amazes me!

I find my reason for being is Helping others and I enjoy it everyday!

Holly Barham

I am really enjoying my Agile journey. I have been a certified Scrum Master for over 5 years, however for the first few years found myself in roles that were a combination of Scrum and Project Management. For the past 2 years I have been able to focus on Scrum and I have learnt and grown so much. I have a much clearer understanding of the benefits of these frameworks and why we do the crazy things we do and am enjoying the opportunity to be able to coach within the organisation. However there is always more to learn and to improve on and I am keen to absorb as much as possible.


Carmen Watkins

Mother to two young ladies who enjoys socializing with friends in my spare time. Opportunities to organise social events and connecting with people. Fashion and art are some of my “hobbies”.