Gail Jacobs

I’m a qualified industrial engineer, published author, project management professional, certified advanced senior scrum master, Agile Coach, certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, speaker and DISC Behavioral Consultant.

I’m also a single mom of an 18 year old son, with whom I’ve traveled the world with in support of his dancing career. Currently I’m employed as an Agile Coach at FNB. I’m working in my dream job and I’m loving it.

Rochelle Roos

I have been part of the community for a few years and have had the opportunity to serve on the SUGSA community in the past. This community has been my support system, one of my biggest pillars in my own growth and i have met people that have become part of my closest friends. This community has changed my life and i would like to have the same influence on others.



Angelika Buhrow

Angelika Buhrow

I’m Angelika Buhrow, a qualified industrial engineer who jumped straight into the Agile world after completing my studies. I’m currently working as an Agile coach at BMW IT Hub, and I absolutely love what I do. I’m constantly learning new things, and I really enjoy using my newfound knowledge to create workshops for the Agile community at BMW. I’m a big believer in the term “Enabler,” which I think perfectly describes the role of Agile coaches and scrum masters in enabling teams to work better, enabling teams to improve their processes, and collaborate more effectively.