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“Democracy is a very poor option for decision making”

The objective of this talk is to give teams practical techniques for decision making in a flat structure.

Most Agile frameworks are geared towards delivering software through self-managing, self-organizing, cross-functional teams, where all team members have “equal say.”

Holarchy (completely flat structure) is also becoming more popular in the technology world. In both situations, teams frequently waste considerable time when a decision is needed and there is no clear “leader” to make it. This is especially true when there is also no “right” decision, just different opinions.

The techniques we will discuss come from doing it and helping others do it (with a few spectacular mistakes).

Marius de Beer is an Agile Coach with agile42.

Marius is a process improvement pragmatist. He has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations around the world, to find better ways of delivering on their promises by mainly employing Lean and Agile thinking.

Marius’ career has been a mix of external coach/consultant and full time employee, ranging from developer on a small team to senior executive at a large enterprise. This journey has provided him with first hand experience in the rewards of successful change and the deep learning that results from abandoned initiatives. Though qualified as mechanical engineer, software has always been his passion, and helping others find joy in work, his motivation.

The event is sponsored by Agile42 and the venue is sponsored by Discovery.

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