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I was a person who never really knew his true calling in the workplace until I heard about the Scrum Master role.

Follow me on the journey I took in order to reach my goal of becoming a scrum master; the ups, the downs, and the realisations that have shaped me into the person I am today.

What I hope others will get out of this talk:

I will encourage and uplift you through this talk so that you leave the session feeling more empowered and ready to tackle your own personal journey.
· Realise you can be more than just ordinary
· Gain tips that will make your journey easier
· Know that you can role transition into a Scrum Master, no matter what you are currently doing.

About our speaker, Nivan Moodley:

“I was in sales for much of my early career.
I enjoyed the Sales process and putting people in touch with the products that they would enjoy.
I then moved more into the IT related environment where I got to stretch my Logical side, yet still, get to relate to customers and provide them with great service quality.

As a Test Analyst, I have had the opportunity to put Testing best practices into place as well as be part of an excellent team which successfully Built up a website for our Company… from the ground up.
It took me a long time to find a Career path which truly inspired me and aligned with my Beliefs. With the Scrum Master role, I have found this!
Now a full-time Scrum Master and it’s been an amazing journey so far, You learn more, Grow more and build up those around you as you seek to meet your team and customer’s needs!

I don’t think it is always clear what a privilege it is to be a Scrum Master, you get to shape and grow those around you, making their lives better and help them realise their full potential.”

LinkedIn: Nivan Moodley

About our sponsor, IQbusiness:

“South Africa’s largest independent management consulting firm; we’re redefining our profession to be more responsive to challenges organisations face. Our methods and frameworks draw from 20 years’ global experience, allowing us to deliver client value early and continuously. Our flexible Agile approach includes Consulting, Research, Contracting, and Training; helping customers design and implement better working environments to deliver improved results.
Our purpose extends beyond the bottom line. We aim to grow people, business, and Africa by helping to solve social, economic, and environmental issues facing our nation and continent. We’re committed to driving conversations aiming for greater prosperity for all.”


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