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Agile in a tribe at Spotify

The top 10 practices that you can learn from us. You won’t believe what number 4 is!

Are you wondering what Agile is like at Spotify? You’ve probably seen the videos that Henrik made almost 3 years ago. We have figured out a lot more by trying a lot of things. Spotify’s founder Daniel Ek says: “We aim to make mistakes faster than anyone else.” That resonates a lot with how we approach work in our tribe.

I’ve had a lot of “AHA” moments during my time here. I believe these “AHA” moments are valuable seeds to plant with the amazing community that is SUGSA.

I will share a list of practices that I have learnt at Spotify and how they are different from the kind of thinking that I used to have.

This talk will be useful for scrummasters, agile coaches, product owners and managers. Testers, engineers, QAs, product manager, project managers and all other roles with all levels of experience are also more that welcome to join the conversation.

Learning outcomes that you can expect:

• The high performing team that consists of the manager, product owner and agile coach.

• What processes we’ve put in place to help product owners align their team and make room for technical debt, baseline work and company objectives.

• How ScrumMasters can work with customers and why is it important (and often overlooked). Along with these concrete learnings, you will get a lighthearted insight into life at Spotify.

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