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Testability and low defect rates must be baked into code from the start.

This talk covers how to Pair Program, what benefits you can expect from adopting this as a 100% committed activity, and what you’ll need to overcome.

I’ve always been a fan of the XP practices of Pairing and TDD, but recently I’ve moved from intellectually believing that pairing was a good idea, to a deep connection with the behaviour it encourages and the outcomes that it produces.

Stats show us how much it costs to find bugs in code through testing after the code is complete, so our drive must be to produce better code. This better world needs the skills of developers and testers, and pairing allows us to collaborate in better ways to produce quality software.


A huge thank you to Saratoga for sponsoring this meetup as well as to Travelstart for sponsoring the venue. You can use the Travelstart parking on Park street on a first come first serve basis.

You can find out more about Saratoga by visiting their website:

About the speaker:

Lorraine Steyn founded KRS, a medium-sized software development company, in 1987. A self-described software nerd, she loves applying tech to solve real world problems. KRS has a big focus on developing staff, and have run an annual internship for 10 years, giving opportunity to youngsters to enter the exciting world of software. Lorraine still codes when she gets the opportunity, but is mostly busy leading change and growth at KRS, and spending time with her teenage son.

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