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Happy New Year!!!!

We are kicking off our first meetup this year with celebrating the 20 year anniversary of agile. In line with the Agile20Reflect festival, we will use the evening together with our host Antoinette Coetzee to create a space to share experiences, stories and interesting facts around agile. We look forward to hearing your story.

Antoinette has been part of the Agile movement since working with the pioneers in 1996. She spent several years as Agile team member developing software products. She became an Agile mentor in 2005, then started her Agile Team Coaching career with the Agile Coaching Institute in the US in 2009. Her affinity for coaching as a tool convinced her to start her training as a professional coach in Organisational and Relationships System Coaching in 2012. She went on to certify as Enterprise Agile Coach in the first Enterprise Agile Coaching cohort in the US in 2014/15. Since then she has focused on growing agility across and at the enterprise level with a strong focus on leaders at all levels growing their inner agility. She believes change is at its most powerful and lasting when it is brought about by those inside an organisation and defines her work as the development and support of internal leaders to transform and develop their own organisations. Although coaching sits at the heart of achieving this objective, her years of Agile and Lean experience in many different industries and organizational levels help co-create new possibilities for organisations wanting to grow their agility.

********** AGENDA **********

– 17h50: Room opens
– 18h00: Official start
– 18h00 – 18h15: Welcome and Announcements
– 18h15 – 19h00:
– 19h00 – 19h15: Questions & chat
– 19h15 – 19h30 – Close session

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