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One of the changes brought about by the current global pandemic (COVID 19) is access to people we otherwise would not have met. We have connected through online conferences, remote meetings, and virtual events, eliminating previous geographic and financial barriers. All these changes have brought us closer than ever before.

This new virtual world has also resulted in exposure to more people, groups, and cultures. This influx in diversity has highlighted the ingrained biases that affect how we consciously and subconsciously interact with one another in our personal lives and workplaces.

In this session, we will explore the impact of culture on our work environment and what we can do to coach teams to leverage this diversity.

********** AGENDA **********

– 17h50: Room opens
– 18h00: Official start
– 18h00 – 18h15: Welcome and Announcements
– 18h15 – 19h15: Talk: Culture Matters – the impact of culture on our work environment
– 19h15 – 19h30: Close & feedback

We really hope that you feel inspired after this session.

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