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World Cafe is a simple large group facilitation technique that is really good at getting everyone talking and participating in group events. It’s most useful when there’s a specific reason that you’re getting many people together, such as to reflect on how a large project is going or to discuss topical issues. How it works is that you begin by setting the context and then create a hospitable space in which participants can jointly explore questions that matter. Everyone is encouraged to participate and bring their diverse points of view. After a few rounds of discussion, the collective discoveries of the different table groups are shared with everyone.
Find out more about it at http://www.theworldcafe.com.

The World Cafe
See the Community Calendar for registration and more details about these free Community Cafes where you can meet colleagues & get support, practice your hosting skills &/or mentor the next generation of World Cafe hosts.

This workshop is intended to introduce the technique of World Cafe to participants through a demonstration of it in action, so that they can experience it and perhaps try it out themselves.

Learning Outcomes:
Facilitation of large groups requires a different approach
World Cafe facilitation technique
Table group size is important
Choice of questions is very important
Proper use of the technique requires between 90′ – 120′

About our speakers:
Gail Jacobs, Mark Jackson and Adrian Tonkin are Agile Coaches at FNB. They have helped many teams on their agile journey and are always looking to build new skills and tools for the job. In addition to coaching and teaching, facilitation is something that they frequently do and they would like to share the “World Cafe” large group facilitation technique at SUGSA.

Adrian Tonkin is currently an agile coach at FNB, helping teams to find better ways of working. His job is part coach, part trainer, and part facilitator. After experiencing agile principles and practices in action, he was convinced that they are a much better way to develop software than the traditional plan driven approach. He especially likes the human side to agile and strives to help form teams in which every member can bring their best self to work every day.
Twitter: @pfzzit

Mark Jackson comes from a technical background and switching to human systems has been an amazing journey to date. What do I do on a daily basis? I work with people… awesome, dynamic and complex people. What do I have to say about what I do? Confucius wrote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. This rings true for me.
Twitter: @ehmayjay

Gail Jacobs has been with FNB since 2006, longest service ever to an organisation. Agile is about engaging the human work systems aka understanding people. You get more out of happy people than grumpy people. Her job gives her exposure to coaching, training, facilitation and designing workshops that fits the need that needs to be met. Based on this, she understands the importance of meeting people where they at. Once that is known, it’s easier to the mountains😊
Twitter: @GailNJacobs
LinkedIn: Gail Jacobs PMP, KMP

About our sponsor, IQbusiness:

South Africa’s largest independent management consulting firm; we’re redefining our profession to be more responsive to challenges organisations face. Our methods and frameworks draw from 20 years’ global experience, allowing us to deliver client value early and continuously. Our flexible Agile approach includes Consulting, Research, Contracting, and Training; helping customers design and implement better working environments to deliver improved results.
Our purpose extends beyond the bottom line. We aim to grow people, business, and Africa by helping to solve social, economic, and environmental issues facing our nation and continent. We’re committed to driving conversations aiming for greater prosperity for all.


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