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Session Speaker: Antoinette Coetzee

About the talk:
Agile at the team level has been around for 25 years. Over the last few years it has grown from product development framework to IT department approach, from the software development arena to the larger organisation. We have seen the advent of scaled frameworks like SAFe, we have seen an explosion of tools, we are now onto Business Agility and the application of Agile in non-software companies. Yet most organisations are still not happy with the improvements brought about by an Agile way of working. Why? In this talk we will explore the issue of agility from multiple angles. We will look at the impact of Leadership, Organisational Structure, Culture, Products and Technical Practices, to name but a few. Please join us to dismantle some of your own hidden assumptions and find a path into great agility!

Learning Outcome:
Understand the difference between Agile and enterprise agility;
understand how leaders can help or hinder;
understand the main impediments to the growth of agility in organisations;
realise that agility is a journey without a road map

About the Antoinette:
Antoinette has been part of the Agile movement since working with some of the original Manifesto signatories in 1996. She spent several years as Agile team member developing software products, but has been an Agile coach 2005. After being a Agile Team Coach for many years she trained and certified in Enterprise Agile Coaching cohort in 2014/2015. Since then she has focused on growing agility at the enterprise level, working with leadership teams at all levels and Agile Transformation Leads.

Antoinette collaborates extensively with the front-runners in Agile coaching and leadership world-wide to train and develop Team Coaches, Enterprise Coaches and Agile Leaders. She trains and develops Agile Team Coaches, Enterprise Coaches and Agile Leaders locally, as well as internationally. She is a coach of coaches. Her aim is to grow agility in EVERYONE, and coaching others how to do it. In line with that aim she often helps organisations set up internal coaching competencies.
She is a trained professional coach and certified in Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching. Her forte is changing culture and growing high performance in leadership teams, including teams in conflict.

Antoinette is an accomplished speaker and regularly delivers talks and workshops on agility, leadership and transformation at local and international conferences.
She has a number of certifications, but the ones she is proud of include:
* Certified professional coach (ORSCC)
* Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC)

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/antoinettecoetzee
Twitter: antoinetteCoet

* 18h00: Welcome and announcements
* 18h15: TALK: 7 Myths that stand in the way of Organisational Agility
* 19h00: Close and Thanks.

We’ll open the zoom room at about 17h45 so that we provide some time to sort out teething problems, app downloads and other technical glitches… and then we’ll start proceedings at 18h00.

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