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Venue: Online using zoom call

Session Speaker: Pavel Dabrystki

At the start of my Agile career, it was tough to find an opening for the position of a Scrum Master in South Africa – Agile and Scrum was a new thing. When I was looking for a change in 2013, LinkedIn had three Scrum Master jobs and none for an Agile Coach. But when I search for Scrum Master jobs today, LinkedIn has a list of potential opportunities that spans over ten pages. At the same time, the job market is tougher today – the number of candidates on the market has increased significantly as well. The challenge for job seekers today is how to differentiate oneself from the rest of the crowd. For the past few years, I have been helping people find new opportunities, and companies find new candidates. Knowing the process from both sides, I would like to share the standard points you must have in your CV to land an interview. I will share the typical questions asked in a Scrum Master interview. And we will practice answering these questions in groups. Perhaps, this workshop is a small nudge that will help you land your next dream position. Join me to learn more!

Learning Outcome:
1) How to Improve Your CV
2) Understand the Skills companies are looking for
3) Prepare for the interviews

About Pavel:

Pavel is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST©) based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was born in Belarus but in 2009, dislike of harsh winters and an adventurous spirit brought him first to Cape Town then to Johannesburg. He helps organizations implement Agile sustainably through mentoring, training, and coaching. Over the past several years, Pavel has worked with major financial organizations, retail giants, and telecommunication companies to improve their organizational processes. He also helped organize multiple Regional Scrum Gatherings in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Pavel is a seasoned presenter who has spoken at events in Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Bangalore, Atlanta, New York, Singapore, New Jersey and Orlando, as well as in South Africa. Currently, he explores topics on coaching psychology and financial models behind Agile projects.

We’ll open the zoom room at about 17h45 so that we provide some time to sort out teething problems, app downloads and other technical glitches… and then we’ll start proceedings at 18h00.

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