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Session Speaker: Christopher Bramley

* 18h00: Welcome and announcements
* 18h10: TALK: Learning How To Learn
* 19h00: Close and Thanks.

About the talk:

An overview of:
– how we learn,
– why we don’t do it well,
– how we can learn well intra-org and cross-culturally,
– how we can engage, and more.

Many of Christopher’s talks are really hybrid Q&A talk/workshops so we encourage interaction and questions!

Learning Outcomes:
– Understanding of learning processes
– Realizing the ingrained barriers to the process we are conditioned to
– Integration and usage in complexity and daily lives
– Discovering and Using the true source of Teaching
– Consideration for how we can help others in their own cycles

About Christopher:
Christopher is a TEDx Speaker, Coach, Advisor in Learning, Complexity and Multiple Frameworks; Communicator, Storyteller, Doer of (too) many other Things

He is a 5* author in Fiction & Fantasy, Learning, and general humour amongst others, as well as a blogger and Tweeter. Other interests include archery, philosophy, truths and patterns, music (play, sing and listen), fitness and exercise training, scuba diving, climbing, gaming, and probably too many other things

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherbramley/
Twitter: @christopbramley, chris_bramley,

We’ll open the zoom room at about 17h30 so that we can socialise and provide some time to sort out teething problems, app downloads and other technical glitches… and then we’ll start proceedings at 18h00.

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