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• What we’ll do
Have you seen a jazz group perform?
A group of good jazz musicians playing together is a self organising, high performing team in action.
As they perform you see collaboration, communication, creativity, trust, innovation, improvisation, problem solving, leadership and customer service in constant play. As agilists we aim to be self organising and high performing. That goal often feels elusive. (If you have experienced it you will know how magical it is.)

With the help of jazz musician and impresario Tony Yoko we can see how jazz musicians achieve this challenging state and learn to emulate them.

We all know that seeing and knowing is one thing, getting things to shift is another. So Alison Gitelson will guide us through some activities and reflections to help us make those behavioural changes for ourselves and our teams. This session is for people who want to increase engagement and performance in their team.

Learning Outcomes:

• see what high performance collaboration looks like
• learn what 5 key elements enable excellence in a jazz group
• learn about jazz soloing
• explore what that could look like in your team
• experience and practise some exercises to help your team get there

About the speakers:

Tony Yoko
Tony has a corporate marketing background as well as a more recent career as a Jazz Impresario. He is an accomplished jazz musician – a superb drummer who plays with great sensitivity and is totally attuned to his fellow musicians and to the subtleties of the music.

Tony will give you an insight into the amazing world of Jazz where leadership, communication, collaboration, and having fun are just how one lives your life.

Alison Gitelson
Alison is a growth enabler. Her multiple careers beginning in healthcare as an optometrist, moving through many roles in ICT and onto transformation specialist gave her strong technical, management and leadership experience. She combines that with a deep understanding of human behaviour to change the way we do business.
Alison hates to see time and effort wasted so she helps people like yourselves to do their best work, so that you can thrive, the businesses you own or work in can thrive, and then the economy grows, and we all thrive.

What to bring
Yourself and your enthusiasm for being agile.

Important to know
This workshop is a segment of a full day workshop. To cover the learning outcomes listed the speaker slot will be one hour therefore the time boxed part will be from 6pm to 7.15pm this month.

Numbers are limited so please keep your rsvp choice up to date.

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