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Please join us in our Open Space Technology session & this time remotely!

If you have ever been to an Open Space Technology session in real life, you will know the power of creating your own agenda and the ability to then discuss things that matter to you.

And for those who have not experienced it before, jump right in and join the conversation, it is kinda cool.

Our theme for the evening:
How have you adapted your team or organisation’s way of work since the “new normal”, more especially in relation to Agile and a focus on Scrum? Bring your questions, awesome twists and spins and let’s share with like-minded humans.

Open Space Technology Guiding Principles:

* Whoever comes are the right people.
* Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
* Whenever it starts is the right time.
* Whenever it’s over, it’s over.
* Wherever it happens is the right place.

* 17h50: Zoom Opens
* 18h00: Welcome and announcements
* 18h10: Open the space
* 18h15: Marketplace
* 18h30: Harvest starts
* 19h30: Close and Thanks.

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