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Cultivating a Critical Thinking Mindset

In this workshop, we will introduce critical thinking; what it is and why it’s a critical tool for us as architects and solutions-deliverers.
How can we add this to our toolbox in order to improve our thinking in everyday situations? We will explore some practical steps to help us ask better questions, internalise feedback, and make more sound judgements. How do our biases block our understanding, and how do we unlearn these in order to gain clarity? We will also cover logical fallacies and unpack the key elements of an argument, and tools to help us enhance our arguments to optimise for better understanding and results.

* Check-in with participants to understand their roles, experience, and what they wish to get out of the workshop
* In groups, participants will work through different sets of the problems with various constraints. We will retrospect on how the groups approached the problems; and expose among other things:
• How our own beliefs, morals, norms, and experiences shape our reality and view of the universe
• Our biases and logical fallacies in decision-making
• How assumptions affect our problem-solving ability
• How a critical thinking approach could have had a different understanding of the problem and a different outcome.

About The Speaker: Oz Chihwayi

With over 15 years working in the delivery, testing, and maintenance of systems, Oz seeks to identify and solve the right problems, while realising value. Oz loves to share experiences and is an advocate for collaboration in teams and organisations. He currently works as Quality Coordinator at Jemstep by Invest, and is a co-organiser of the Joburg Software Testers Meetup. He is active in building a community of super testers.
A life learner and explorer, he believes thinking is the strongest skill in his bag of varied tricks. Oz became an “accidental runner” who enjoys long runs and has completed the Comrades Marathon.

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