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Get ready to lift-off your team in T-minus 10… 9… 8…

Getting new teams to work together is hard. Really. Hard.

Is it because there is so much hype around new Agile teams? Or is it because there is such a focus on “doing things right” (or “doing” Agile right), that we forget about the people actually doing the work?
Regardless of the reason, before we can change the way people work… we need to focus on the things that are important for teamwork to work!

We believe that the key to high-performance teams is creating an intentional culture that respects and embraces diversity – whether it be race, gender, class, culture, age, beliefs, language, skills or background.

So join us as we explore the Team Canvas – sort of like a Business Model Canvas for teamwork – covering nine essential teamwork elements:

– Purpose – Why we are doing what we are doing?
– People & Roles – What are our names, roles and responsibilities?
– Common goals – What do we as a group want to achieve together?
– Personal goals – What do I as an individual want to achieve?
– Team values – What do we really stand for and believe in?
– Needs and expectations – What do each of us need to be successful in a diverse team?
– Rules & Activities – How do we communicate and keep everyone up to date?
– Strengths & Assets – What skills do we have in the team?
– Weaknesses & Risks – What are the weaknesses we have, as an individual and as a team

We will walk through our agenda for team lift-offs, facilitation posters and preparation work required, materials needed, and facilitation tips and tricks. All packaged in a handy pocket guide, that you can use to explore tried and tested techniques for each essential element. We will also have an opportunity to practice some of these techniques during the session.

Get ready to lift-off your team in T-minus 10… 9… 8…


Learning Outcomes:

• Learn facilitation techniques that will instantly help you in your role as a facilitator or Scrum Master.
• Stop unproductive team conflict before it starts, by discussing things that matter to the team BEFORE they start working together.
• Get everyone on to the same page. Fast!
• Understand the essential elements to make teamwork work.
• How to use the Team Canvas to create an intentional team culture that respects and embraces diversity.

About the speakers:

Angie Doyle:

They say that change is the only constant. I don’t think I have ever minded change.
Growing up in a country like South Africa (rooted in inequality and injustice – and more recently in significant transformation, reform and conflict), you learn to embrace diversity and change.

I also don’t mind changing. Over the course of my career, I have shifted from working face-to-face with customers (Operations), to articulating what customers need (Business Analysis and Process Engineering), to working with teams delivering the solution (Product Development / Ownership), to evolving ways to deliver the solution (Agile software development at a team and organisational level), to improving collaboration of teams working together (Team coaching & scaling). This was driven by my obsession to deliver high-quality solutions that people need… faster!

Through all this, I have come to value working with people the most. I love that human beings are complex creatures and none of us come with the same operating manual! Sometimes we work well together, sometimes we don’t. And that is where true creative potential lies.

Talia Lancaster

I started my career as a Management Consultant in the Learning and Development industry designing bespoke eLearning solutions for corporates. I then discovered Agile software development, a new philosophy for delivering projects and working with teams. So I moved into the IT industry finding my passion working as a Scrum Master in Agile teams, helping to improve team collaboration and communication by encouraging new ways of working.

I have now launched my own company, Go Do Collective, focussing on creative solutions, consulting and design.

Throughout my life I have always been a “compulsive note-taker”. In meetings, training and conferences I have used this as a way to concentrate and understand certain topics. Over the years this doodling has evolved into more of a visual note-taking technique and a visual thinking approach which I currently share with teams. I have continued to explore this form of note-taking and its role in activating different modes of learning.

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