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Huddle: Agile in Education   

One thing is true: The system is broken.

Access to problem solvers with technical proficiency, social prowess, grit, curiosity and accountability is at an all-time low, which paints a bleak future for the tech industry and begs the question: Have we lost the plot?

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Only by massively overhauling the ways in which we educate, upskill and integrate our people into the workplace, will we overcome the challenges of industry. Only by bridging the gap between industry and its entrants can we move toward solving real-world issues. Issues that exclude us from innovation, excellence, streamlined processes, empowerment and sustainable business growth.

Join us for a peek into how using simple yet effective principles of the Agile methodology at WeThinkCode_ is a tool to not only disrupt, but also turn the education and human resource spaces completely on their heads.


About the speaker:   

Kyle Gani     

With a passion for entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving using technology, Kyle founded an advertising startup fresh out of university, where – together with a remarkable young team – he learnt the true value of disruptive and innovative thinking. Together with a passion for education and empowering the youth, Kyle then relished the opportunity to join WeThinkCode_, a ground-breaking, tuition-free, peer-to-peer software engineering university with a mission to source and develop the top 1{6b0d2667ce3e862a710371ddcad071d42f80ce355f6c975cf5f5e426d041b86a} of digital problem solvers.

He now leads the development of digital learning and operational software at the ever-expanding WeThinkCode_, building tools that are geared toward bringing future software engineering talent closer to industry by leveraging off of agile, design-driven thinking, cultural diversity and unconventional curiosity.

With high hopes for the future, Kyle aims to break down barriers to development and industry by bringing people together through technology, education and building software that solves real African problems.

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