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Lean Startup Machine – Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is a process used for discovering which products will succeed in the marketplace and which won’t.

Run in a workshop fashion, the focus of LSM is to validate business ideas through hands-on experimentation, which makes it a great tool to use for Product Owners as well as Agile Teams looking to validate their assumptions.
The power of LSM is it’s customer centric approach to testing assumptions, pivoting business ideas and prototyping cheaply. Using a Javelin board, you will learn the process of experimentation advocated by Lean Startup Machine in this session.


About the speaker:

Mispah Carelsen:

Mispah is an Agile Coach at Absa in the central Agile Transformation Team. Her experience has spanned both startup and corporate environments.

Mispah was introduced to the Lean Startup Machine workshops in 2014 where she took part as one of the teams. She loved the process so much that she became a Lean Startup Machine mentor for subsequent workshops. Through the workshops, she learnt that everything is an assumption until you test it, and thus continues to apply this process to any new initiatives with her teams.


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