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No one is as smart as all of us – rebooting collaboration

Research shows that the characteristics of, and conditions for, good collaboration are the same whether it is a Scrum team in a bank needing to collaborate with another team working in a waterfall way or a bunch of medical professionals needing to collaborate in the treatment of a person. The “how” of collaboration is context specific and this is where the differences lie. Often teams become entrained to the same ways of collaborating and need to reboot their methods. The interesting thing is that the rebooting of collaboration doesn’t need new information. It is in looking at the current methods, combining them in new ways, and experimenting with them, that teams can learn how to collaborate in different ways. This session is an experiential exploration of this hypothesis with people working in small groups on a specific collaboration issue of their choosing. They will leave with a variety of possible new ways to improve or reboot collaboration in their context which they can apply the next day.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the characteristics of good collaboration

Understand what are the favourable conditions for collaboration

Gamestorm new approaches to collaboration

Topic Keywords

Collaboration, scrum, agile, kanban


Regina Martins

Regina Martins's profile photo

Regina lives in sunny South Africa although she does often go to Berlin for agile42’s coach camps. During these forays she can often be found trawling the stationery shops for Neuland markers.

She loves the idea that agile coaching is the only profession in the world where she can take her wax crayons to work.

You can reach her at regina.martins@agile42.com.

Presentation History
Regina’s presentation history here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reginatmartins/

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