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Lean Product Development: A Startup Case Study


Speaker: Gio Focaraccio

Like many of us, I find myself living in two different worlds when it comes to lean product development. There is this ideal world, one I read about in books and on LinkedIn articles. In that world, product people are rock stars, their mornings are filled by evaluating cutting edge UX designs and the latest A/B test results, their afternoons with creative game play and they dress very differently to what I do. There is also a corporate reality where getting new products conceived and out the door resembles running a political campaign and overcoming mind numbing controls. But then there is this middle space of startup entrepreneurship. No rock stars, just you. No controls, just a limit on your credit card. I want to share with you what I’m learning in that space and see whether we can together figure out more ways to improve our own realities.

PS: Rockstars welcome!

About the speaker

Gio is a recovering business analyst turned product person and startup entrepreneur. As a living transitional fossil, he exhibits traits common to both traditional corporate change species (PMP, CBAP, MBA) as well as more recent lean startup and agile product development approaches (image of battle scars removed for sensitive viewers). He recently graduated with the first South African cohort of the Founder Institute, an idea stage startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley. He enjoys sharing honestly with like minded individuals in safe spaces and learns best through plain robust dialogue.

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