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The Mother-ship Connection: Lessons learned working in a land far away from the business hub

We are really excited to have Austin Fagan leading this month’s Meetup.

In an ideal world development teams have real customers in the room; the whole team is collocated; they demo working software to the business stakeholders every couple of weeks and immediate decisions are made around the impacts needed. Cool bananas! Awesome sauce!

However, many organisations have offices all over the world, with development and business teams distributed across different time zones and continents. In this context the bananas can vary in temperature and the sauce could be slightly whiffy.

Learning Outcomes:

Techniques that help distributed teams and organisations.

About the speaker:

Austin is an Agilist tasked with making a program rock. The fact that it comprises of seven development teams and multiple stakeholders spread across three continents is his daily Sudoku to solve.


A very big thank you to Allan Gray for sponsoring the venue. And a big thank you to CSG for sponsoring the food and drinks.

We are still in need of sponsorship for drinks and food for future events, so please get in touch should your company wish to get involved.

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