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**About the workshop**
At SUGSA, we’re always looking at ways in which we can help the community to learn and grow. In our continued effort to encourage new people to speak at SUGSA events, we will once again be hosting our “Speak up!” Workshop. We’ve built on the experience of our previous events collaborating with the Cape Town Front-End Developers meetup group, and drawing on the inspiration and this awesome code of conduct: https://www.globaldiversitycfpday.com/code-of-conduct

Public speaking goes beyond speaking at events or conferences. Improving your ability to speak publicly will help you speak up at meetings, boost your ability to train others, and build your confidence when facilitating events.

In this workshop, we will help debunk some of the myths around public speaking with some practical tips, share top advice from a seasoned public speaker and toastmaster, choose potential talk topics, and help you develop and practice a short talk of your own.

At the end of the session, you will be aware of the common myths of public speaking and how to debunk them, you will have generated some ideas for talks, and you will have given a couple of short lightning talks in smaller groups while also receiving some feedback.

**About you**
For this workshop, we value a diverse base of participants and welcome potential speakers from all backgrounds. We will be considering the level of diversity when choosing the list of speakers with a strong focus on giving speakers that have not previously had the opportunity.

**Important Info**
To ensure an effective workshop for all participants, we will be limiting the number of total attendees for this event. If you RSVP you will be placed on an initial waiting list and then we will send you a form with a few short questions to answer so kindly check your email.

These answers will help us consider the level of diversity for the workshop when choosing the final list of attendees which we will then confirm. We will have a strong focus on giving speakers that have not previously had the opportunity to share.

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