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The Voodoo We Do!If you are a Scrum Master or Agile Coach – or just work with people – have you ever tried explaining what it is that you do? Especially anything around the soft skills side of things?

Exactly! It’s like we are doing some form of voodoo magic! When you try to describe that you get people to talk & listen to each other (you would think this was easy – we talk & listen to people every day, right?), you enable them to experiment, & empower them to craft their own solutions – you are met with perplexed expressions.

Join us for an interactive session (we believe that to learn something, you need to experience it & then make it your own) where we will be sharing some tips & tricks that we have learnt along our own journey as agile scrum masters, coaches & agile (voodoo ;)) practitioners.  These shared insights should help you to go back & apply them in your own environments.



Mariet & Olga are both very passionate about Agile & live by the philosophy of experimenting, playing & failing fast every day. We’ve been working with teams for many moons & they’re still howling!




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