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Transform through Agile Performance Management

Transformation is all about driving the right behaviour consistently, and performance management is key to this. Agile Performance Management is in many cases unchartered territory for organisations. In this the session we will explore an Agile way to do Performance Management by empowering teams and the organisation as a whole. We will be looking at how to make Agile Performance Management (APM) possible by linking the 12 Agile principles to metrics for teams and then also dig more into Scrum and Kanban metrics which build on the Agile metrics.

Furthermore, we’ll be exploring the role Leadership plays to support teams in their performance and the measurement thereof in order to ensure a successful, sustainable and fair APM system that drives the desired behaviour in an Agile Transformation journey. Leadership plays an important role in APM and leaders are rated based on how they to contribute to the teams’ success, leading to a successful Agile Transformation throughout the whole organisation, top-to-bottom and within teams.

About the speaker

Cornelius Parkin is an Agile Coach with Nedbank. Originating from Middelburg Mpumalanga, he started his IT career as a software developer in 2003 in Midrand, and his Agile journey in 2010 as a developer on a Scrum team. Agile was such a great concept that he decided to pursue it as a career by becoming a Scrum Master in 2012. Since then he has grown to get a CSM, CSP and SAFE 4.5 qualification and lives the agile values and principles in both his career and personal life, yes, he uses Trello to manage his personal life!

He is married and has a 5-year-old boy, loves the outdoors including travel, vacationing on exotic islands, mountain biking, swimming, and writing music, books, and screenplay. Cornelius is a life-long learner and enjoys spending time learning new things… he binges on Masterclass, not series. 😉


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Post-event edit – please find Cornelius’s slides from the Meetup:

Agile Performance Management SUGSA Feb 2019

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