We live in a world characterized by uncertainty, volatility, chaos, and ambiguity. Which tools do we need to shift a system? How can we use the system’s inherent properties to shift patterns of behavior to a more suitable fit for function? Join us in this workshop and experience the answers!

Canceled software projects litter the landscape like the galleons in the Graveyard of ships. Projects escaping the graveyard resemble Frankenstein. They lurch, not quite dead, but not that useful. Wrecks happen not due to lack of will, character, or effort, but due to insufficient skill in rapidly-changing conditions.

In today’s complex, fast-paced development environment, leaders need different tools to shift the systems wherein they work. In this workshop, we use the ABIDE mnemonic to navigate system properties. We look at how these properties have an influence on the system and how we can start to use them to shift behaviors, and create new patterns.